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Apple Specialist

  • Specialized in Apple software and use of Macs, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • On-site service in Guadalajara and La Laguna.
  • Remote service in any part of the world.*

* (English or Spanish spoken, using AnyDesk. Some restrictions may apply)

Dr. Mac

Professional assistance with a personal touch: more than 25 years of experience as Apple Specialist and creative user in multimedia, graphic design, internet, video, audio, common-use software, etc.

Special service and attention for any kind of business and users in general: ad and design agencies, arquitects, schools and universities, doctors, freelance creatives, housewives, families with Apple equipment at home, and many more.

Advisory in Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.) and the software used in them.









Apple Tv

Apple TV

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Mac OS


Software Apple

Apple Software

Software Adobe

Adobe Software

Software Office


Otros tipos de software

Other Software

Remote Assistance in English or Spanish in the USA, Mexico and the world.*

*(Via AnyDesk, some restrictions may apply)

Dr. Mac’s Services

Training and learning for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc.

Also equipment from other brands working with Apple such as printers, gadgets, peripherals, external hard disks and more.

  • Questions about your devices.
  • Integration between Apple devices.
  • Recommendations for the best use of your electronic equipment.
  • Group or personal training.

Software Advisory and Consultant

We solve your problems and questions in software installed in your Apple equipment (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc)

  • macOS, iOS
  • Slow performance and inconsistencies.
  • Maintenance
  • OS Updates
  • Installation and setup of special software and utilities.
  • Adobe Software.
  • Office Software.
The loyalty for many years of our customers gives us the best recommendation and experience

On-site Service in Guadalajara
and La Laguna

We specialize in giving you the best possible experiencie in our service, either on-site or remote. We want your complete satisfaction.

If your equipment requires a hardware specialist or Apple authorized service, we will make a recommnedation that best fits your problem and possible solutions.

If your equipment needs to be tested and/or repaired in our office, we will take complete care of it and will return it to you in 24 to 48 hours (some restrictions may apply).

The loyalty for many years of our customers gives us the best recommendation and experience

With Dr. Mac’s knowledge and simplicity you will get the best experience with your Apple devices at home or business.
Things finally will work!



Xavier Bernal

Children’s Photography
"I’ve been a customer of Carlos Acosta (Dr. Mac) since 15 years ago, and in all this time I have always received an opportunistic and efficient service from him. His response-in-time has always given me a lot of benefits for my business and my clients. Since the beginning I noticed his vast knowledge in Apple and Mac computers; finally, his personalized service has been great for my all my employees using Apple devices."

Rosy Hernández

Graphic Designer and Teacher
"I give classes of graphic design in Mac computers, and for me it’s very easy to identify when Dr. Mac has given service to one my clients’ Macs (without anyone telling me). I know Carlos Acosta since 1998 when I worked for a design agency back then, and from then on, Carlos has been in charge to give software service and maintenance to all the Macs I’ve had. It was also in one of his Photoshop intensive courses when I discovered my love for this program; now at present times it’s the course I’ve been more asked to give. My experience as a client and pupil of Carlos has been very gratifying and educative, also he is a very warm person with human values. I always recommend him to my pupils and friends. Thank you Carlos!"

Sra. Lourdes Sepúlveda de Treviño

"I appreciate and certify the services of Carlos Acosta (Dr. Mac). He has been my professor for the last 5 years. Professionally he has been always actualized with the latest technology from Apple, with a profound knowledge of systems, programs and Apple devices. He also has the great gift of teaching. Personally, a great human being, always ready to help and teach. A great professor."

Beatriz Villarreal González

"In 2012 I hired the services of Carlos Acosta as a personal teacher and computer consultant, we started classes at home. Since then we have continued the learning. I am very satisfied and very happy with the work he accomplishes. He is a very responsible and helpful person, always serious in his appointments and with the vast knowledge in computing. His specialty is Apple, this is why we all know him as Dr. Mac. I started my classes with zero knowledge; to date I have learned so much, he has been very patient with me and I am so grateful for this. I have recommended him to many friends of my age (third age) and we all agree on his great service. Thank you very much Carlos: for your kindness, your professional work, your patience and all the help you have given to me and my family."

Lourdes Guerra

- Lic. en Nutrición
"I personally recommend the professional work of Carlos Acosta (Dr. Mac), I have hired him in many occasions as an advisor (on how to use my Mac) and also for service and maintenance purposes. I am very satisfied with his work: he has solved all my questions."

Services excluded by Dr. Mac

  • Sale of equipment.
  • Hardware fixes (we can give you recommendations).
  • Apple warranties.
  • Hardware store and sale.
  • Mac, iPhone or iPad’s physical reparations and related.